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Lisa Dinan Fireworks Ceramics Mountain n View partyhat2We can host groups large and smallLisa Dinan Fireworks Ceramics Mountain n View partyhat
for any occasion.
Pottery packages of all sizes can be prepared to go.

Moms Night Out
Bridal Showers
Scout groups

Kids Birthday Party Package includes:

  • one choice from the kids Party Collection
  • paints and supplies
  • private party room for 2 hours
  • pottery glazing and firing
  • special plate for the guest of honor
  • help for all guests

Bring your own balloons, music and food to create your own special party!

Minimum of 10 guests
$20 per person

Custom Party Package includes:

  • your choice of pottery piece from our extensive studio collection
  • paints and supplies
  • unlimited use of private room (bring your own refreshments or hire a caterer!)
  • pottery glazing and firing
  • Minimum of 10 guests
    Prices vary!

    Basic To Go Kit includes:

    • paints and supplies
    • choice of pottery
    • pottery glazing and firing

    No Minimum of guests